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Buying Line Assignments
 Luke Jannett
Address Locating ServiceAndy DoranAJD
AdvertisingOSP Help Line
Advertising - Job PlacementOSP Help Line
Aerial SeedingOSP Help Line
AggregatesMary NelsonMLN
Air CompressorsOSP Help Line
Air ConditionersMary NelsonMLN
Air Conditioning FiltersOSP Help Line
Air Filters (HVAC)OSP Help Line
Air Quality Measuring EquipmentOSP Help Line
AircraftOSP Help Line
Aircraft/Pilots & ServiceOSP Help Line
Alcohol Breath Testing DevicesAndy DoranAJD
Analytical Lab Services, EnvironmentalOSP Help Line
Aquatic Invasive Species ControlOSP Help Line
Armored Car ServiceOSP Help Line
Athletic EquipmentOSP Help Line
Attenuators (ATM)OSP Help Line
ATVsOSP Help Line
Automobiles, SUVs, & VansOSP Help Line
AV Equipment & SuppliesMary NelsonMLN
Background ScreeningsAndy DoranAJD
Badges: Name (ID tags)OSP Help Line
Bags, Poly, CompostableMary NelsonMLN
Bank & Payment CardsDoug HeeschenDAH
Banking ServicesDoug HeeschenDAH
BatteriesMary NelsonMLN
BearingsOSP Help Line
BillboardsOSP Help Line
Biomedical WasteOSP Help Line
BituminousMary NelsonMLN
Boats, Motors &TrailersOSP Help Line
BoilersOSP Help Line
BooksOSP Help Line
Bottled Drinking WaterMary NelsonMLN
Breast PumpsOSP Help Line
Building Construction (New, remodeling, repair)Mary NelsonMLN
Building Materials MiscellaneousMary NelsonMLN
BusesOSP Help Line
Cab & Chassis for TrucksOSP Help Line
Cable: Copper and FiberMary NelsonMLN
Cans, Glass, Plastic Containers RecyclingDoug HeeschenDAH
Carpet & Vinyl FlooringMary NelsonMLN
Catering ServiceMary NelsonMLN
Changeable Message SignsAndy DoranAJD
Child Safety Car SeatsOSP Help Line
Chiller Maintenance & ServiceMary NelsonMLN
ChippersOSP Help Line
Cleaning Equipment and SuppliesMary NelsonMLN
Closed Landfill Operation & MaintenanceMary NelsonMLN
ClothingOSP Help Line
Commercial Air ConditionersOSP Help Line
Commercial Riding MowersOSP Help Line
Computer Hardware, Software & MaintenanceAndy DoranAJD
Computer Lease & RentalAndy DoranAJD
Computer Technology-Related ProjectsAndy DoranAJD
Computer/Electronics RecyclingOSP Help Line
Computer-Related PeripheralsAndy DoranAJD
ConcreteMary NelsonMLN
Concrete PlanksOSP Help Line
Construction (New, remodeling, repair)Mary NelsonMLN
Conventions/ConferencesAndy DoranAJD
Cooking Utensils & SuppliesOSP Help Line
CopiersAndy DoranAJD
Corrugated Pipe: MetalMary NelsonMLN
Courier ServiceAndy DoranAJD
Court Reporting ServiceAndy DoranAJD
Culvert LinersMary NelsonMLN
Culvert PipeMary NelsonMLN
CulvertsMary NelsonMLN
Data loggersAndy DoranAJD
Death Reporting ServiceAndy DoranAJD
DefibrillatorsOSP Help Line
DeicersOSP Help Line
Dental Lab WorkOSP Help Line
Dental SuppliesJim LosinskiJPL
DNA: Analysis, Chemicals, Supplies & EquipmentOSP Help Line
Document DestructionDoug HeeschenDAH
Door HardwareMary NelsonMLN
DrillingMary NelsonMLN
Driver LicensesAndy DoranAJD
ElectricalMary NelsonMLN
Electrical Equipment & SuppliesOSP Help Line
Elevator Maintenance ServiceMary NelsonMLN
Emergency Vehicle Light BarsAndy DoranAJD
Environmental ServicesOSP Help Line
Equipment for CleaningOSP Help Line
Equipment MaintenanceMary NelsonMLN
Erosion Control MaterialsOSP Help Line
Eurasian Water Milfoil ControlOSP Help Line
Evidence Collection KitsOSP Help Line
Exercise Equipment & SuppliesOSP Help Line
Exterior & Interior SignageAndy DoranAJD
FastenersOSP Help Line
Fax MachinesAndy DoranAJD
Fence PostsMary NelsonMLN
FencingMary NelsonMLN
Fencing MaterialsMary NelsonMLN
Filter ElementsOSP Help Line
Fine PaperOSP Help Line
Fire Alarm Testing & Inspection ServiceMary NelsonMLN
Fire Extinguisher Service & RechargingMary NelsonMLN
Fire ExtinguishersMary NelsonMLN
Fire Retardant ChemicalsOSP Help Line
Fish FoodOSP Help Line
FlagsOSP Help Line
FlashlightsOSP Help Line
Fluorescent Lamp RecyclingOSP Help Line
FoodOSP Help Line
Food ServiceOSP Help Line
Food Service SuppliesOSP Help Line
Food Waste RecyclingOSP Help Line
Fork LiftsOSP Help Line
FuelsOSP Help Line
Furniture Reconfigure & CleaningOSP Help Line
Gas AnalysisOSP Help Line
Gases, SpecialtyOSP Help Line
Generator ServiceMary NelsonMLN
GeneratorsMary NelsonMLN
GIS OverloadAndy DoranAJD
Glass Replacement for BuildingsMary NelsonMLN
Glass Replacement for WindshieldsMary NelsonMLN
Glasses, Safety, PrescriptionOSP Help Line
GravelMary NelsonMLN
GuardrailsMary NelsonMLN
Guards, SecurityAndy DoranAJD
Handicap Van ModificationsOSP Help Line
Hazardous Waste ManagementOSP Help Line
Hearing AidsAndy DoranAJD
Heating FiltersOSP Help Line
Heavy Duty Road EquipmentOSP Help Line
Helicopter Equipment & ServicesOSP Help Line
Helicopter Rental & PilotsOSP Help Line
Herbicides Herbicide Technical ServiceOSP Help Line
Hydraulic Cylinder RamsOSP Help Line
Hydraulic Hose & FittingsOSP Help Line
Hydraulic MotorsOSP Help Line
ID Systems & Maintenance & SupportDoug HeeschenDAH
Industrial PaperOSP Help Line
Industrial Sweepers & ScrubbersOSP Help Line
Industrial Tools & SuppliesOSP Help Line
Infectious Medical WasteOSP Help Line
Janitorial & Cleaning Equipment & SuppliesOSP Help Line
Janitorial ServiceMary NelsonMLN
Kitchen Equipment (Large) & AppliancesOSP Help Line
Kits: Collection (Blood, Alcohol, DNA Evidence)Andy DoranAJD
Kits: Urine Specimen CollectionOSP Help Line
Lab AnalysisOSP Help Line
Lab Chemicals & SuppliesOSP Help Line
Lab EquipmentOSP Help Line
Lab Hematology Replacement SuppliesOSP Help Line
Lab Services: Equipment Maintenance & SupportAndy DoranAJD
Laboratory Analysis & Sampling, EnvironmentalAndy DoranAJD
Laboratory Test KitsAndy DoranAJD
Lamps, FluorescentOSP Help Line
Lamps, Recycling, Fluorescent, HIDOSP Help Line
Lamps, Truck & AutoOSP Help Line
Landscaping ServicesMary NelsonMLN
Laundry & Linen ServiceOSP Help Line
Law Enforcement Equipment & SuppliesOSP Help Line
Lawn Care ServiceMary NelsonMLN
Lifting ChainOSP Help Line
Lifts, ScissorOSP Help Line
Light Bars for Emergency VehiclesAndy DoranAJD
Lighting and Light FixturesOSP Help Line
LinensOSP Help Line
LodgingAndy DoranAJD
Lube Oil & GreasesAndy DoranAJD
Lube ServiceAndy DoranAJD
Mailing EquipmentAndy DoranAJD
Mailing ServiceAndy DoranAJD
Medical Equipment Maintenance & RepairJim LosinskiJPL
Medical Supplies, Services & EquipmentAndy DoranAJD
MINNCOR Furniture ProductsOSP Help Line
Motorcycle Inspection, Maintenance, & RepairOSP Help Line
Native Plant Community RestorationOSP Help Line
Native PlantsOSP Help Line
Newspaper AdvertisingOSP Help Line
Office Supplies: vinyl binders & related productsOSP Help Line
Oil ChangesAndy DoranAJD
Oil, Used, Filter, Absorbent, Antifreeze RecyclingOSP Help Line
OxygenOSP Help Line
Packaging Supplies & EquipmentOSP Help Line
PagersAndy DoranAJD
Paint & SuppliesMary NelsonMLN
Painting ServicesMary NelsonMLN
Paper RecyclingDoug HeeschenDAH
Parking Lot RepairMary NelsonMLN
Parts WashersOSP Help Line
Patrol VehiclesOSP Help Line
Pavement Marking MaterialsOSP Help Line
Pest ControlMary NelsonMLN
PharmaceuticalsOSP Help Line
Photographic Equipment, Supplies & ProcessingAndy DoranAJD
Pickup TrucksOSP Help Line
PilotsOSP Help Line
Plants, Seedling, Seed beddingOSP Help Line
Plastic BagsMary NelsonMLN
Playground EquipmentMary NelsonMLN
Plumbing SuppliesOSP Help Line
Police Vehicles and AccessoriesOSP Help Line
Portable Sanitation FacilitiesMary NelsonMLN
Printed Paper & EnvelopesOSP Help Line
PrintingOSP Help Line
Printing Products, Equipment, & SuppliesOSP Help Line
Promotional ItemsOSP Help Line
PumpsOSP Help Line
Radio Antenna SystemsAndy DoranAJD
Radio Communications EquipmentAndy DoranAJD
Records StorageOSP Help Line
Recycling: Paper, Lamps, Electronics, Cans, Oil SoDoug HeeschenDAH
Remodeling & Repair (Building)Mary NelsonMLN
Rental CarsOSP Help Line
Repair Parts for VehiclesAndy DoranAJD
Riding MowersOSP Help Line
Roof RepairMary NelsonMLN
Rubbish Disposal ServiceMary NelsonMLN
Safety Equipment & SuppliesOSP Help Line
Safety FuseesOSP Help Line
Safety Glasses, PrescriptionOSP Help Line
Safety, Hazardous Incidence Response EquipmentOSP Help Line
Saftey VestsMary NelsonMLN
Salt, RoadOSP Help Line
Sampling, EnvironmentalOSP Help Line
Scanning and Imaging ServicesAndy DoranAJD
Security EquipmentMary NelsonMLN
Security Guard ServiceAndy DoranAJD
Security ScannersMary NelsonMLN
Seeds & SeedlingsOSP Help Line
Service Recognition AwardsOSP Help Line
Shades, Drapes, BlindsMary NelsonMLN
Shredding of Confidential DocumentsDoug HeeschenDAH
Sign Blanks & PostsMary NelsonMLN
Sign Language ServiceAndy DoranAJD
Smoke DetectorsMary NelsonMLN
Snow Plows & EquipmentOSP Help Line
Snow Removal ServiceOSP Help Line
SnowmobilesOSP Help Line
Specialty GasesOSP Help Line
Spills, Hazardous & Non-hazardousMary NelsonMLN
SteelOSP Help Line
Storage TanksOSP Help Line
Subscription ServiceAndy DoranAJD
Surveying EquipmentAndy DoranAJD
SUVsOSP Help Line
Tape Transcription ServiceAndy DoranAJD
Telecommunication Equipment & SuppliesAndy DoranAJD
TiresOSP Help Line
Tires, Waste, RecyclingOSP Help Line
Tools, Industrial & SuppliesOSP Help Line
TractorsOSP Help Line
Traffic ArrowboardsMary NelsonMLN
Traffic Control Equipment & MaterialsAndy DoranAJD
Traffic PaintMary NelsonMLN
TrailersOSP Help Line
Trailers, Large, belly dumpOSP Help Line
Trailor-mounted Traffic AttenuatorsMary NelsonMLN
Translation ServicesAndy DoranAJD
Travel ServicesDoug HeeschenDAH
Trees, Shrubs, Native plantsOSP Help Line
Trenchers/ExcavatorsOSP Help Line
Truck BodiesOSP Help Line
TrucksOSP Help Line
TubingOSP Help Line
Tubing, Metal & PlasticOSP Help Line
UHF, VHF & 800 MHZ Radio EquipmentAndy DoranAJD
Uniforms and AccessoriesMary NelsonMLN
Used Oil Sorbents, RecyclingOSP Help Line
Van Modifications, HandicappedOSP Help Line
VansOSP Help Line
Vehicle Accessories, Audible & Visual signalingAndy DoranAJD
Vehicle EquipmentAndy DoranAJD
Vehicle RentalOSP Help Line
VehiclesOSP Help Line
Vending Machines Sales and ServiceOSP Help Line
Video Conferencing EquipmentAndy DoranAJD
Visually & Hearing Impaired Equipment & SuppliesAndy DoranAJD
Voting MachinesAndy DoranAJD
Waste Paper RecyclingDoug HeeschenDAH
Waste Tire Hauling & RecyclingOSP Help Line
Water Dispensing Equipment, Bottled WaterMary NelsonMLN
Water Dispensing Equipment, BuildingMary NelsonMLN
Water Softening SaltOSP Help Line
Water tanks for de-ionized waterMary NelsonMLN
Window BlindsMary NelsonMLN
Window CleaningOSP Help Line
Window TreatmentsMary NelsonMLN
Windshield GlassMary NelsonMLN
Wireless DevicesAndy DoranAJD
Written & Spoken Translation ServicesAndy DoranAJD

Information found on this website can be made available in alternative formats, such as large print, Braille, or on tape, by calling 651.296.2600. Persons with a hearing or speech disability can contact us through the Minnesota Relay Service by dialing 711 or 1.800.627.3529.
The State of Minnesota is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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