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ALP Manual Appendices

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ALP Manual
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ALP Manual
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ALP Manual Appendices

A. OSP Acquisition Staff Assignments
  Acquisition Staff Directory
Acquisition Staff Buying Line Assignments (by commodity)
B. Procurement Terms and Acronyms
  Glossary of Common Procurement Terms
Procurement Acronyms
C. Insurance
  Insurance Coverage for Contract Situations - Non PT Services and Construction Work
General Insurance Requirements
Equipment Insurance Requirements
Aviation Insurance Requirements
Special Insurance Requirements
Risk Management Division (RMD) Training Material
Glossary of Insurance Terms
Example of Proof of Insurance - ACORD Certificate of Liability Insurance
Insurance Requirements - Fact Sheet
D. Forms
  All forms are now located in the Secure Area of this site.
E. SWIFT General Terms and Conditions
  (See Forms area for Word and PDF documents.)
F. SWIFT Special Terms and Conditions
  (See Forms area for Word and PDF documents.)
G. States with Resident Bidder and Reciprocal Preferences
  Instructions for Determining Eligibility for Reciprocal Preferences
State by State Reciprocal Preference Data
H. Laws & Rules Governing State Purchasing & Contracting
I. Fleet and Surplus Services
  State of Minnesota Property Management Policy and User Guide (Purchasing Policy 8)
Fleet and Surplus Services Staff Directory
J. Vendor Information
  Vendor Management Specialist Assignments
  Targeted Group, Economically Disadvantaged & Veteran-Owned Small Business Procurement Program
  Economically Disadvantaged Counties in Minnesota
  Revised Instructions for Applying Preferences (Purchasing Policy 35)
  Table of Groups Experiencing Disparity
  Directory of Certified TG/ED/VO Vendors
  Suspended/Debarred Vendors
  DEED Certified Providers - Community Partners
  DEED Certified Providers - Extended Employment Providers
  DHS Licensed Providers (Day Training and Habilitation vocational programs)
  Verify US Veterans Affairs' Center for Veterans Enterprise Verification
K. OSP Purchasing Information Websites
  OSP Staff Directory
L. Environmental Information
  Sustainable Purchasing
M. Shipping Terms Chart
N. Purchasing Policies and Procedures
  Policy 18-01 Internal Review Policy
  Policy 19-01 Electronic Signature Policy
  Policy 21-01 Encumbrance and Contract Execution Policy
  Policy 21-02 Procurement Code of Ethics Policy
  Policy 1 Statewide Policy on Expenditures by State Employees and Authorized Users (Admin 08.2)
     Policy 1a Fleet Card Use Policy 1a (Admin 08.02)
     Policy 1b Purchasing Card Use Policy 1b (Admin 08.02)   PDF Format    Word Document
     Policy 1c Emergency Card Use Policy 1c (Admin 08.02)     PDF Format    Word Document
  Policy 2 Field Purchase Order (FPO) Policy & Limits
  Policy 3 Superseded by Policy 10
  Policy 4 Code of Ethics Policy (Admin 98.30) See Policy 21-02 - Procurement Code of Ethics Policy
  Policy 5 New Purchasing Requirements for Nonvisual Access to Technology
  Policy 6 Purchasing Policy on Special Delegation to ALP Authority
  Policy 7 Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Related Federal Mandates
  Policy 8 State of Minnesota Property Management Policy and User Guide (also see Appendix I)
  Policy 9 Organizational Conflicts of Interest Policy (Admin 01-13)
  Policy 10 Status of Information in Bids and Proposals Submitted to the State of MN
  Policy 11 Deleted December 20, 2002 (Replaced by Policy 16)
  Policy 12 Purchasing Policy for the State of Minnesota Food Contract Release F-369(5) and Other State Contracts for Food Products
  Policy 13a MMB policy 0807-04 Cellular Telephones, Air Time and Service-Purchase and Payment
  Policy 13b Statewide Policy: Appropriate Use of Electronic Communication and Technology/Mobile Devices Use Addendum (Revised January 3, 2012)
  Policy 14 Instructions for Reporting Purchasing Violations, Vendor Protests, and Mis-awards
  Policy 15 Instructions for Sales Tax Paid Directly to Vendor as an Exception to Direct Pay
  Policy 16 Instructions for Procuring Paper Products and Printing Services
  Policy 17 Requirements for Signing Documents and Cancelling Contracts
  Policy 18 Escalation and Appeal of Procurement matters by State Agencies (Admin 03.15)
  Policy 19 Single Source Procurement Policy (Admin 03.16)
  Policy 20 Foreign Outsourcing Policy (Admin 04-06)
  Policy 21 Property Management Reporting & Accountability (Admin 03-19)
  Policy 22 Office Supply Purchasing Policy (Rescinded December 15, 2009)
  Policy 23 Acquisitions ALP Policy, Procedure, and Training Overview
  Policy 24 MNIT Services Authority for IT Purchases and Contracts
  Policy 25 Amending Contracts
  Policy 26 Procurement of Call Center Services
  Policy 27a Gift Cards for Employees
  Policy 27b Reward Card Incentive Programs (for Non-State Personnel Only)
  Policy 28 Employee Purchase of Computer Equipment and Related Products (no longer have statutory authority)
  Policy 29 Purchasing from DEED Certified and DHS Licensed Providers (new title: Policy Rev 1/20/15)
  Policy 30 State Fleet Program Card (see Purchasing Policy 1a)
  Policy 31 Prevailing Wage Payroll Requirements
  Policy 32 Immigration Status of Contract Vendor Employees (to be published)
  Policy 33 Procuring Conferences, Meetings and Events, and Related Goods and Services
  Policy 34 Bituminous Materials, Aggregates, Ready Mix, and Sand Policy for Mn/DOT
  Policy 35 Revised Instructions for Applying Preferences (also see Appendix J)
  Policy 36 Purchasing Travel, Travel Services, Hotel Lodging and Rental Cars
  Policy 37 Enterprise Security Information Sanitization and Destruction Standard
  Policy 38 Receipt and/or Accrual and Use of Promotional Items and/or Benefits Earned When Purchasing Goods and Services with State Funds
  Policy 39 Encumbering Construction Supplemental Agreements
O. Executive Orders
  Executive Order 19-25 - Advancing Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Programs for Minnesota's Public Buildings; Rescinding Executive Order 11-12 (April 4, 2019)
  Executive Order 19-27 - Directing State Government to Conserve Energy and Water, and Reduce Waste to Save Money; Rescinding Executive Orders 18-01 and 17-12 (April 4, 2019)
  Executive Order 19-28 - Restoring Healthy, Diverse Pollinator Populations that Sustain and Enhance Minnesota's Environment, Economy, and Way of Life; Rescinding Executive Order 16-07 (April 5, 20196)
P. ALP Certification Information
  ALP Certification Requirements
  Agency ALP Certified Buyer Data Update Form
  ALP Training Information
Q. Construction Solicitations
  (See Forms area for Word and PDF documents.)
R. Ethics and Conflict of Interest (Including Organizational Conflict of Interest)
S. Statewide Integrated Financial Tools (SWIFT) System
  SWIFT Home Page
  Statewide Procurement Policies
  SWIFT Procurement Document Types
  SWIFT Procurement Useful Inquires
  SWIFT Quick Reference Guide - Category Codes Overview
  SWIFT Reference Guides for Procurement
  SWIFT Forms
  Class Materials

MMB Resources
  Internal Control Reference Links
  Federal Whistleblower Protection Policy

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