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MMCAP Infuse members and prospective members should access for more information on our programs and best value proposition.

MMCAP Infuse is a free, voluntary group purchasing organization for government facilities that provide healthcare services. MMCAP Infuse has been delivering pharmacy and healthcare value to members since 1985. MMCAP Infuse membership extends across nearly every state in the nation, delivering volume buying power. Members receive access to a full range of pharmaceuticals and other healthcare products and services, such as medical supplies, influenza vaccine, dental supplies, drug testing, wholesaler invoice auditing, and returned goods processing.

Government Serving Government

MMCAP Infuse is open to government institutions that provide healthcare services, such as state agencies, counties, cities, school districts, and correctional and public higher education institutions. MMCAP Infuse is operated by the State of Minnesota and adheres to state procurement laws and policies, which are widely recognized for their commitment to fair and open competition.

Why Choose MMCAP Infuse?

  • States have a voice in MMCAP Infuse operations.
  • Reduced costs for products and services.
  • Careful contract management for members benefit.
  • Customer service.
  • Members establish an individualized formulary based on MMCAP Infuse's complete line of pharmaceuticals.
  • Minnesota procurement guidelines meet states procurement requirements.

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