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Data Analytics Master Contract Program

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Data Analytics Master Contract Program

The Data Analytics Master Contract Program is premised on the idea that the use of data analytics unlocks insight, supporting the State's commitment to informed, data-driven decision making to assure resources are properly managed. It allows agencies and members of the State's Cooperative Purchasing Venture to discover cost-saving opportunities, promote efficiencies and achieve quality improvements, and empowers them to take optimal advantage of their data-rich environments to better achieve critical objectives. Whether engaged in preventing and detecting fraud, promoting operational efficiencies, enhancing tax compliance and revenue collections, or working to better understand the needs of its customers, the use of data analytics is key to fulfilling the obligation to deliver better government.

Program Highlights:

  • Administrative Efficiency. The establishment of a master program avoids the redundancies involved in a more siloed, agency-centric approach where each agency pursues its own separate contracting process. Central administration of the 13 master contracts promotes consistency in contract management and reduces workloads and risks for participating users. Of paramount importance to agencies and CPV members is the ability to engage a contractor quickly. The program provides the ability to immediately engage a contractor within specified dollar limits with much of the up-front administrative work already completed.
  • Cost Avoidance. Selected consultants engaged in a highly competitive RFP process where hourly rates were assessed as part of the selection process. Cost and terms were subsequently negotiated to provide a favorable framework under which work can now commence. The program structure, however, also allows for additional price negotiations and direct competition as agencies and CPV members identify and pursue particular projects.
  • Quality Assurance. Qualitative factors represented a large part of the evaluation criteria used to select the successful contractors. The centralized contract administration efforts will entail a hands-on approach to performance monitoring so that performance issues are addressed and resolved quickly.
  • Speed and Administrative Ease. A feature which cannot be overlooked is the importance of administrative ease in using the program. Much focus has been spent on making sure the process is not only streamlined, but also simple and intuitive for users' efforts to engage the valuable services of the contractors.

These master contracts are available for use by all state agencies and other governmental units eligible under the State's Cooperative Purchasing Venture established pursuant to Minnesota Statute 16C.03, subdivision 10. Entities eligible to participate under the cooperative purchasing venture are described in Minnesota Statute 16C.105.

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