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Acquisitions Staff

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Acquisitions Staff
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Buying Line Assignments (by Commodity)

Acquisitions Staff
 Jannett, Luke (Manager)LJJ651.201.2446
 Abu Hamdan, MaenMAH 651.201.2438
 Brick, MikeMJB 651.201.2445
 Burns, DustinDHB 651.201.2441
 Carpenter, GlenGOC 651.201.2435
 Chang, MeeMXC 651.201.3123
 Colonna, JeffJJC 651.201.2449
 Doran, AndyAJD 651.201.2459
 Groth, SusanSMG 651.201.2451
 Halverson, LeaLRH 651.201.2444
 Heeschen, DougDAH 651.201.2422
 Johnson, PhilPMJ 651.201.2437
 Joslin, Jim   651.201.2423
 Kroll, DuaneDLK 651.201.2457
 Lundgren, BonnieBJL 651.201.2433
 Lyfoung, SongSXL 651.201.2431
 McCann, KatyKXM 651.201.3128
 McFarlin, KiaKIA 651.201.2436
 McIntyre, KarenKEM 651.201.3124
 Mimbach, RobbRAM 651.201.2432
 Nelson, MaryMLN 651.201.2439
 Nolte, Patty   651.201.3164
 Oberpriller, GingerGGO 651.201.2450
 Olson, LuAnnLMO 651.201.2447
 Randa, BethEMR 651.201.3122
 Ryan, BobRSR 651.201.3163
 Stevens, DaleDRS 651.201.2448
 Torin, SeanSGT 651.201.2405
 West, MarshaMJW 651.201.2452
 OSP Help Line   651.296.2600
 Minnesota Relay Service
(for callers with a hearing or speech disability)
  711 or
 Fax   651.297.3996  

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