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What is MMCAP?

Best value for pharmaceuticals and healthcare products and services to government institutions across the nation.
Model: A government group purchasing organization using cooperative purchasing that follows stringent procurement laws.
Vision: Government serving as government’s procurement solution for healthcare products and services.

The Minnesota Multistate Contracting Alliance for Pharmacy (MMCAP), created in 1985, is a free, voluntary group purchasing
organization operated and managed by the State of Minnesota's Department of Administration for government healthcare institutions.
MMCAP's mission is to provide, through volume contracting and careful contract management, the best value in pharmaceuticals
and related products to its members - eligible governmental health care facilities.  MMCAP member institutions purchase
over $1 billion per year and have national account status with all of the major brand name and generic pharmaceutical

Upon joining MMCAP, each state designates its contacts; one purchasing representative and one pharmacy representative.
The state contacts meet biennially to make pharmaceutical awards and annually to fill MMCAP Advisory Board vacancies.
The Advisory Board provides guidance to MMCAP staff and meets monthly, via conference calls.

For more detailed information on the benefits MMCAP brings to its partner states, click here.

Goods/Services Available

MMCAP's primary function is to provide a full range of pharmaceuticals to its participating facilities.  However it also has contracts,
for vials and containers, medical supplies, drug testing, returned goods processing, influenza vaccine, and dental supplies. 
Click here for a list of current services and vendors

Current Members

MMCAP membership includes thousands of participating facilities in 49 states.
Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California
Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia
Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa
Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland
Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana
Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico
New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma
Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota
Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia
Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming  


MMCAP Operation

  • RFPs and Awards for Pharmaceuticals and Other Services
    Biennially, MMCAP issues a Request for Proposals (RFP) seeking responses from pharmaceutical manufacturers on over 6,000 products. Less frequently RFPs are issued for the other services MMCAP provides. All RFPs are announced on the Department of Administration web site and on the MMCAP web site

    For pharmaceutical products, MMCAP holds a biennial award meeting where representatives from the member states, state procurement contacts and state pharmacy contacts meet to determine which products will receive awards. The expenses incurred in bringing these participants to the National Member Conference are paid by MMCAP.

  • Formulary?
    MMCAP does not establish a formulary, but compiles a list of frequently used drugs from its facilities. Participating facilities are encouraged, but not required, to exclusively use MMCAP contracts and contract pricing, since it creates the volume that results in the best value for all members.

    MMCAP pricing and administrative fees/distributor credits (see below) are not given for any purchases made outside of the MMCAP program using non-MMCAP drugs or non-MMCAP contracts. MMCAP relies on member states to ensure that MMCAP contract purchases comply with MMCAP contract terms and all applicable laws, rules, regulations and policies.

  • Minnesota Law Governs Procurement
    As an arm of the Minnesota Department of Administration, Office of State Procurement, MMCAP must follow Minnesota laws that govern the actions of state agencies. When establishing contracts, MMCAP must comply with competitive procurement laws found in Minnesota Statutes Chapter 16C. Once contracts are established, MMCAP facilities place purchase orders for their needs directly with MMCAP-contracted distributors.

  • Distributor Credits and Funding the Organization through Administrative Fee
    Since only a portion of the administrative fees collected from vendors are needed for MMCAP operations, the remainder of the fees received in a given contract year are returned to participating facilities as credits through the distributors. These credits are in proportion to the amount of fees generated by contract orders for a given facility.

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