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Participation in MMCAP is limited to facilities with which the State of Minnesota may contract as listed in
Minnesota Statutes Section 471.59, subdivision 10. These include:

- Other states,
- Agencies of other states,
- Counties,
- Cities,
- School Districts

Entities recognized by the Member State’s statutes as authorized to use that state’s commodity or
service contracts (Minnesota Statutes Section 16C.03, subdivision 10).

Benefits of Membership

Reduced Costs for Products and Services Based on MMCAP's volume purchasing power, MMCAP is able to negotiate contracts that provide its members with significant cost savings.

Free Membership Membership is free! Once you are a member you are not required to exclusively use MMCAP contracts; however, each "on contract" purchase increases MMCAP's buying power and ability to negotiate better contract prices from manufacturers.

Distributor Rebate Credit Annually, after the close of a "contract year" (July 1 to June 30), MMCAP issues a "credit" to each participating facility that actually purchased contract pharmaceuticals from MMCAP contracts during the previous contract year. The credit reflects administrative fees collected from manufacturers in a given contract year that were not actually expended to support MMCAP operations.

Electronic Catalog of All Available Products and Notice of Backorders Member Facilities using the MMCAP Pharmaceutical Program have free access to an Internet-based catalog which provides an up-to-date listing of every pharmaceutical product on contract. Included in the product listing are the generic and trade name, source, price and AHFS classification, as well as other useful information. MMCAP also maintains a comprehensive list of pharmaceutical products on backorder along with the status of the product (e.g., long or short term backorder, product short dating, discontinued product lists).

Local Representation Each member state has its own MMCAP purchasing and pharmaceutical contacts who can assist member facilities with questions and issues that arise.

Professional Staff MMCAP employs a professional, experienced staff that administers all MMCAP contracts. This eliminates the resources required by the member states and member facilities to provide this service.

Distributors for Pharmaceutical Orders To receive timely and accurate orders, there are currently three contracted distributors: Cardinal Health, AmerisourceBergen, and Morris & Dickson. Each MMCAP member state is aligned with one of these distributors which then services the entire state. Currently, all member facilities within a given state must use the selected distributor.

Returned Goods Processing A returned goods processing contract assists facilities to receive credits and dispose of outdated or recalled pharmaceuticals.

Medical Products and Services Utilizing contracts with McKesson Medical Surgical, Medline and Henry Schein Medical, the MMCAP Medical Supply Program offers a continually monitored and updated market basket of nearly 1,000 core items and a complete catalog of products with a wide range of discounts.


A state joins MMCAP by signing an agreement that defines the structure, function and requirements of participation. There is no fee for membership. At the time the agreement is signed, the member state must choose one of the three MMCAP-contracted distributors (Cardinal Health, AmerisourceBergen, or Morris & Dickson) to serve all participating facilities within the entire state.

If you are interested in joining MMCAP, send requests to: or please call 651-201-2420.

Becoming a Member Facility

To become a member, a facility must: complete and execute the Membership Application and Agreement and submit it to your state’s MMCAP Purchasing Contact; comply with all laws, rules and regulations governing government purchasing of pharmaceuticals and related products, including operating within the boundaries established by Robinson-Patman (15 U.S.C. 13 (a)), Abbott Labs v. Portland Retail Druggists (425 U.S. 1(1976)) and Jefferson County Pharmaceutical Association, Inc. v. Abbott Labs (460 U.S. 150 (1983)); and use the MMCAP-contracted wholesaler selected by your state.

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