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Emergency Preparedness Program

The key to managing disasters is to plan ahead.  MMCAP has a dedicated staff to assist with the planning in preparation for disasters, including purchasing expertise in stockpiling medications and medical supplies.  MMCAP has successfully negotiated several large antibiotic purchases for members across the country at pricing below the MMCAP contract price.  Other key items, such as gloves and masks are contracted with MMCAP’s medical supply vendors.  In the event of a disaster, MMCAP can assist you with sourcing products and placing items on contract, but supply will likely be an issue if the disaster affects a large area.  MMCAP cannot guarantee supply in the event of an emergency as it is subject to each vendor’s capacity to provide product.  Arrangements to guarantee supply must be worked out in advance, such as the auto-ship programs that are available through MMCAP’s PPVs (a list of pre-selected items will automatically be sent to a facility in the event of a disaster).  To further aid in your planning activities, MMCAP is preparing a list of on-line resources for members to access local and national information regarding emergency planning. 

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