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                                           MMCAP Services
                    MMCAP has contracts available for the following services:
Containers and Vials Distributors
Drug Testing Medical Supplies
Influenza Vaccine Dental Supplies
Pharmaceuticals Returned Goods Processing
Pharmaceutical Repackaging Prescription Filling/Pharmacy Services
Wholesaler Invoice Auditing Services Vaccines
Emergency Preparedness Program Laboratory Supplies, Equipment, and Chemicals


Becoming a Vendor

Products and services offered through the MMCAP program are the result of an open solicitation process that follows strict State of Minnesota procurement laws, rules, and policies.  Official notice of solicitation openings are posted each Monday in the State of Minnesota’s State Register.   Open solicitations are also posted on the MMCAP website, Click on the “Open RFPs” link to the left.

A calendar of contracts, current expiration dates, and anticipated RFP release dates are at the bottom of this page.

Interested suppliers should submit the following information to


Company name
Full address
Product or service to be provided to MMCAP members
Contact name and title
Contact phone number
Contact email address
Federal Employer Idenification Number (EIN)

MMCAP Membership Roster

Instructions for MMCAP Membership Roster

To access the MMCAP Membership Roster: Log in by clicking [Log In] in the upper right hand corner.

Enter your ID and password.

On the left hand side, under “What’s Inside…” there should be a link “Participating Facilities by State” which will bring you to the roster.

·        Questions regarding the roster, please call 651.201.2420 or contact us at



Submit a Manufacturer Vendor Performance Report.
Submit a Prime Vendor Wholesaler Performance Report.
Submit a Returned Goods Processor Vendor Performance Report.



Current Expiration

Remaining Contract Renewals

Expected RFP Release

Condoms B Holding Group LLC MMS18007 =June 30,2020

Global Protection Corp MMS18015 =June 30,2020

Lifestyles US Opco (dba SXWELL USA LLC)
=June 30,2020

SXWELL USA LLC MMS18009 =June 30,2020
3-1 year periods

3-1 year periods

3-1 year periods

3-1 year periods
Dental Products and Services Darby Dental =August 31,2019

Dental Health Products Inc (DHPI) September 30,2019

Henry Schein Dental = September 30, 2019
No renewal

No renewal

No renewal
Drug Testing and Services American Bio Medica Corp. = January 31, 2020

MedTox Diagnostics Inc. = April 14, 2020

Phamatech Inc. = September 30, 2019

Premier Biotech = July 31, 2019

Redwood Toxicology Laboratory Inc. =September 30, 2019

No renewal

No renewal

No renewal

No renewal

No renewal
Medical Supplies Henry Schein MMS12015 = February 28, 2019

Henry Schein MMS18016 = June 25, 2020

JML Medical Supply Inc. = April 1, 2020

Concordance Healthcare Solutions MMS 18008 exp April 9, 2020

Medical Solutions, Inc MMS18013 exp June 5, 2020

McKesson MMS12016 =February 28, 2019

McKesson MMS18000 = February 23,2020

Medline Industries MMS18013 = February 28, 2019

Premier Medical Distribution MMS18010= June 5, 2020

No renewal

3-1 year periods

3-1 year periods

3-1 year periods

3-1 year periods

No renewal

3-1 year periods

No renewal

3-1 year periods

Distributor/Wholesaler Services

October 31, 2019



Containers and Vials

November 30, 2019

 3-1 year periods


University Contraceptive Program

August 31, 2020

1-2 year periods


Invoice Auditing Services – online/real time

January 31, 2020



Returned Goods

June 30, 2020

3-1 year periods


Influenza Vaccine
Manufacturer Direct=Varies
Distribution=December 31, 2019

Pharmaceutical Repackaging
February 28, 2019 0  
Prescription Filling/Pharmacy Services October 31, 2019 3-1 year periods  
Pharmaceutical Waste Cactus Smart Sink=April 30, 2019

Clean Harbors=Sept 30, 2019

DSCSA Subscription Services. July 31, 2020 3-1 year periods  

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