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Prescription Filling/Pharmacy Services

This program is designed for institutions and facilities that do not operate their own pharmacy.

 All Contracts include:

·         A full line of Brand, Generic, and OTC pharmaceutical products

·         Professional consultation and educational services to facility staff and end users, as needed

·         Medications provided at Vendor’s Acquisition Cost plus a competitive dispensing fee (additional opportunity available to access MMCAP’s pharmaceutical contract pricing)

·         No shipping charges to most facilities

·         Clinical Pharmacist support from the Vendor, including product recommendations and facility inspections (in most cases)

·         Avoidance of retail pharmacy charges while still maintaining local back-up pharmacies for urgent needs

·         Usage reporting to facilities and data analysis/monitoring by MMCAP

·         Integration to allow members’ use of other MMCAP contract programs at the same time (Healthcare Products/Services, Vaccines, Emergency Preparedness)

MMCAP has multiple vendors with varying service offerings and specialized programs. Contact MMCAP for more details, or current MMCAP members can review contracts on the MMCAP website.

Members Only: For complete program information please login to our site.

Select “Log In” from the upper right corner of the MMCAP website home page and then enter your user name and password.
To view Prescription Filling/Pharmacy Services select “Members News” from the top banner,
then select “MMCAP News” from the left side.Then Click on "Prescription Filling/Pharmacy Services"

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