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MMCAP members receive access to a full range of pharmaceuticals and other healthcare products and services. The MMCAP programs available to bring value to members include, but are not limited to the following:

Pharmacy Program Clinical Pharmacy Program Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Program Prescription Filling/
Pharmacy Services
Healthcare Products and Services Influenza Vaccine Program Emergency Preparedness/
Stockpiling Program




Containers and Vials

University Oral Contraceptives

Invoice Auditing

340B Program


Returned Goods Processing

Drug Information Communication

Drug Shortage Management

Formulary Assistance

Healthcare Industry Updates


Account management

Creating scorecards

Analyzing service fee discount/COG calculations

Ensuring business reviews

Streamlining processes

Training on Wholesaler systems and websites

Contract management for wholesaler contracts

Multiple vendors contracted for outsourced or partially outsourced pharmacy services

State of MN certified procurement

Tailored service levels to meet members’ needs

Competitive dispensing fees

Transparent usage and cost data

Medical Supplies

Drug Testing Kits

Condom Contracts

Laboratory Supplies

Dental Supplies


All FDA approved influenza vaccines

Better pricing than private sector

Comparable costs to CDC

Volume discounts available 

Pricing available direct with Manufacturers and Distributors including FFF Enterprises and McKesson Medical Surgical MN Supply

Stockpiling planning assistance

Individualized Request for Bid process management

Templates for key requirements

Local to state-level agency coordination assistance

Contact MMCAP



Minnesota Department of Administration

Office of State Procurement

50 Sherburne Avenue
Suite 112

St. Paul, MN 55155





State of Minnesota, Department of Administration


State of Minnesota, Office of State Procurement