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Influenza Vaccine Program

MMCAP has great pricing on Influenza Vaccine!

  • Better than private sector

  • Comparable to CDC

  • Variety of discounts available

Full line Distributors

FFF Enterprises, Inc.
Provides all influenza vaccines.

ASD Specialty Healthcare, LLC

Provides all influenza vaccines,except Flumist.

McKesson Medical-Surgical
Provides all influenza vaccines.


Direct Contract with Manufacturers

Fluarix, Flulaval all presentations
Sanofi Pasteur
Fluzone all presentations and Flublok
Afluria, Fluad, Flucelvax


MMCAP contract pricing is not available through your routine pharmaceutical wholesaler.

Members Only: For complete product, pricing and vendor pre-booking information

Select “Log In” from the upper right corner of the MMCAP website home page and then enter your user name and password.
To view Influenza Pre-booking Information select “Programs” from the top banner,
then select “Influenza Pre-booking & Pricing Information” from the left side.

To place an order for Influenza Vaccine simply contact your chosen MMCAP contracted vendor as outlined in the spreadsheet. Be sure to identify yourself as
an MMCAP member when placing your order.


Interested in MMCAP:

For help with MMCAP membership questions, please email your questions to


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